Case Study: Establishing a National Presence

A nonprofit group enters the national energy debate

Challenge: A small environmental nonprofit organization wanted to establish its voice in the climate change debate and leverage its regional footprint —as well as valuable intellectual capital— to optimize the outcome of the federal debate on climate legislation.

Approach: Venn Strategies, LLC worked to identify a unique economic angle where other groups had not focused —the value to the national economy and key communities of making resources from carbon auctions available to invest in America and targeted communities— and a spotlight on the costs of inaction to some of the nation's most socioeconomically disadvantaged communities. Venn positioned the organization as a galvanizer of information and political intelligence on the issue, both inside and outside the Beltway, and put the company in the center of the debate.

Results: To reinforce key messages, Venn engaged a group of 15,000 leading economists in the effort; 600 signed a letter urging Congress to auction carbon credits. Their overwhelming support distinguished the group from the many competing voices in the environmental field and landed attention and references from policymakers and press at the state, local and national levels. As the cap-and-trade debate continues in Congress, the group remains a frequently called upon resource.

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